2008-12-21 The 2nd District Sponsored Officer's Training 


    Division A,C,G,H 2nd Club Officer Training
Date:     21-Dec-08        
Time:     12:30 - 5:10        
Fee:      free
Venue:     The first Lecture Hall, Complex Building (1F), National Taiwan University of Technology  
Training Master:     Tony Lee        
Timer:     TBAx1        
SAA:     TBAx4        
12:30   Registration     TBAx8  
12:55   Call Meeting to Order     SAA  
13:00   Opening Remarks & Welcome & Introduce VIP Tony Lee  
13:02   Welcome     TBA  
13:05   District Governors        
13:20   Charting a Course for Club Success I (Presentation) Larry Lee  
13:35   Charting a Course for Club Success II (Discussion)    
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Sue Chien  
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     William Lee  
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Jo Shih  
13:56     Q & A (8~9')        
14:05   Motivating Achievenment I (Presentation)   L.J. Lamb  
14:20   Motivating Achievement II (Discussion)      
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Emily Murray  
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Grace Chuang  
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Jennifer Tseng  
14:41     Q & A (8~9')        
14:50 INTERMISSION ( 20 minutes )    
15:10   Attracting New Members to Your Club I (Presentation) Lester Lin  
15:25   Attracting New Members to Your Club II (Discussion)    
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     J.J. Chang  
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Amanda Uy  
      Panel Discussion (5~7')     Helen Chen  
15:46     Q & A (8~9')        
15:55   Achieving Success as a club Officer (5~7') Wini Kao  
16:02   Officers Team Discussion (20')        
      President Team Discussion     L.J. Lamb/William Lee  
      EVP Team Discussion     Sue Chien/Victor   
      Secretary Team Discussion     Helen Chen/Jo Shih  
      MVP Team Discussion     Lester Lin/Sammy Su  
      PR Team Discussion     Amanda Uy/Grace Chuang  
      Treasure Team Discussion     J.J. Chang/David Chuang  
      SAA Team Discussion     Shang Su/Ellen Chen  
16:25   Officers Team Reports 2'~3' each group    
16:55   Appreciation Certificates Presenting   TBA  
17:05   Training Adjournment        


Division A Governor, Shang Su, dreamsu2003@yahoo.com.tw

Division C Governor, Larry Lee, larrycvs@gmail.com

Division G Governor, Janice Su, suinca168@yahoo.com.tw

Division H Governor, Ellen Chen, uniqueyinhua@yahoo.com.tw

Reminder:  1 Please bring your notebook, pen and namecards.  The training material will be available for download after training,
    but not offered as handout before training.    
  2 It is encouraged to bring your own cup.    
To plan how to go to MSD venue, please go to http://www.urmap.com.tw
Transportaion: 忠孝新生MRT EXIT NO.4        




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