Dear Club President & EVP,

Division A is going to hold New Member Orientation on Feb. 18. Please refer to the attached agenda.

For registration, please send your club name, member name and contact number to me before Feb. 11, 2009.

Wish you a Happy New Year!


  RSVP by Feb. 11th (name, club & contact number ) AreaA1 Asst Governor Education: Betty Hsiung  - bettyhsiung@  
Meeting time:  Wednesday Feb. 18th 18:30~21:00                                                                                                              中國信託總行大樓 松壽路三號21樓
Admission Fee: NT$ 150 (includes dinner)
Venue: 21F, Chinatrust Commercial Bank Headquarters, No.3, Sung-Shou Road, Taipei
Division A New members Orientation ~ AGENDA
Feb. 18th Meeting
Time Program Assignment Taker
18:30 30' Reception/Registration 接待 / 報名 Joyce Hsiao/ Natalie Liao,
VPM/ Deputy CTCB
19:00 1' Call Meeting to Order  會議開始 Allen Kuo, SAA,CTCB 
19:01 5' Opening and Introduction of Guests  Victoria Wang ACB CL, A1 Gov
19:06 3' Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) 總主持人 Charles Lee -Pdt. CTCB
  1' Timer 計時員 John Lee - TM, CTCB
19:10 55' Orientation Workshop Part I   
  10' Organization of Toastmasters   組織架構 Webster Kiang- DTM
  10' Workshop# 1: CC Manual/ How to prepare speech  如何適用演講手冊 Shang Su -Div. A Gov.
  10' Workshop# 2: CL Manual/ Meeting roles             如何適用 CL 手冊 James Lin -DTM
  10-15' Workshop# 3: Evaluations at TMs  評論技巧 Candice Lo- ACS, Premium
20:05 20' INTERMISSION 中場休息  
20:25 45' Orientation Workshop Part II  
  15-20' Table Topic Session Workshop 即時演講訓練 Host: Gordon Chu - A2 Gov.
       LJ Lamb - N. Chair Edu.
  10' TMs-Mis-conceptions 101 解開TMs迷失 JJ Chang - A3 Gov.
  10' Discussion Session...討論及Q & A Charles Lee -Pdt. CTCB
21:10 5' Appreciation & Adjourn   Victoria Wang - A1 Gov


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