Greetings fellow Toastmaster members!

Table topics is one of the most feared session in a Toastmasters meeting.  Why? Because people don't know how to deliver a mini-speech within 1-2 min without any preparation.  There are some techniques and guidelines on how we can improve our response to questions, and this coming Mar 13, Lester Lin--2008 National Table Topics 1st runner up is going to share with us his winning formula in Table Topics. 

We'd like to invite members from other clubs to attend this workshop and improve our communication skills in terms of impromptu speaking.  We hope that a great number of people can benefit from this workshop, so kindly help us spread this news to your club members.  Thanks!  

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Amanda Uy, ACB, CL
Vice President Education
BID Toastmasters Club
District 67 Club 9749
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