Dear All,
Allow me to remind you our coming meeting is on April 20th(Mon) not April 22th(Wed)
due to this is a joint meeting with YWCA TMC at U-SWOT venue.
Our meeting theme this time is "My Best Friends."
So assignment takers for the first half of the meeting please send your comment on the meeting theme
to our TME Irving Huang at your earliest convenience.
Plus, we will have a Joke Session in this meeting, so please prepare a joke to join our relay and
make us laugh as loudly as possible!

Things You Need To Know
* If you are a manual speaker for the coming meeting,
  be sure to prepare  your speech script at least 1 week earlier so you will have enough time to send your speech script
  to your individual evaluator(IE) to seek his/her advice for improvement. By doing so you will not only recieve
  suggestion for improvement in advance, your evaluator can better evaluate your performance on site.
  Should you need contact information of your IE, just drop me a line~ 
* Bring your CL manual with you whenever you serve as session master or meeting helper!
  You may give it to the evaluator assgined on the agenda or find someone by your own.
  But be sure to make it a habbit to attend the meeting with an assignment and have someone to
  evaluate your performance. If you don't have assignment that date, why not  be an evaluator to others?
  By doing so you will learn more by not just "attend" the meeting but really learning something by doing.
Future Meetings
May 6th (Wed): Regular Meeting
May 20th (Wed): Joint Meeting with NCCU at U-SWOT
Jun. 3rd (Wed)): Regular Meeting
Jun. 17th(Wed): Regular Meeting
Sylvia Chen,
VPE Education, U-SWOT TMC (2008-2009)



Toastmasters Logo.jpg  U-SWOT Toastmasters Club



Joint Meeting of

U-SWOT & YWCA Toastmasters Clubs

Meeting Agenda (Theme: My Best Friends)

Club No. 990908 (chartered on Jan. 10, 2007)

“You! Super, Wonderful, Outstanding Toastmasters”

Meeting Bulletin No. 43                                 

Date: Mon., Apr. 20, 19:00~21:00

Venue:  4F., No.46, Lane 11, Guangfu N. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City 105, Taiwan

台北市105松山區光復北路11464 (財經年代大樓)




Speaker/Conducted by


May. 6 (Wed)


Reception & Light Refreshment









Meeting call to order

The mission of a Toastmasters Club/ is to provide a mutually supportive/ and positive learning environment/ in which every member has the opportunity/ to develop communication and leadership skills,/ which in turn foster /self-confidence and personal growth.



Irving Huang, ACB




Irving Huang


Words of Welcome & Guest Introduction

June Yeh, CC


June Yeh


Toastmaster of the Evening Introducing the Program  

Ah Counter
Vote Counter & Board Writer

Irving Huang, ACB

Robert Lu
Karen Chen
Patty Yu (YWCA)



Bea Chang

Jo Yeh

Cathy Chin

Karen Chen

19 :15

Joke Session

Sean Yang ,CC, CL(YWCA)


Lancelot Cheng

19 :25






Prepared Speech Session

1. Speech title: TBD

                         (C4-How To Say It)

2. Speech title: TBD

                         (C10-Inspire Your Audience)

3. Speech title: TBD

                        (C10- Inspire Your Audience)

4. Speech title: TBD



Timer's first report

Irving Huang

Cathy Chin


Dajin Kiang (YWCA)


Bea Chang




Robert Lu



Bea Chang

Godspeed Yu(C4)

Ben Yu(C5)

Irving Huang (A20)



Jo Yeh







Table Topics Session

Lancelot Cheng


Robert Lu











Evaluation Session

1. C4 speech delivered by Cathy Chin

2. C10 speech delivered by Dajin Kiang

3. C10 speech delivered by Bea Chang

4. C speech delivered by TBA

Timer's second report
Ah Counter report


Language Evaluation     
General Evaluation
Nora Liu, CC (YWCA)

Kendrick Huang,CC,CL(YWCA)

June Yeh, CC

Dr. T.S. Jap, DTM (YWCA)

Sylvia Chen, CC


Robert Lu

Karen Chen


Beth Shen, CC,CL (YWCA)

Nora Liu, CC (YWCA)









Dr. Jap

Gloria Chou(Ale Elite)
Jo Yeh
Cathy Chin


June Yeh


Quiz  Session

Nora Liu, CC (YWCA)




Special Awards Presentation

June Yeh & Nora Liu




Awards Presentation & Guest Comments

Nora Liu, CC (YWCA)


June Yeh


Meeting Adjourned




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