Dear fellow members and friends of Citi TMC,

Attached please kindly find the agenda for Citi Toastmasters Meeting on Thursday, June 11.   
The meeting will be held in our ESB Building (台北市松仁路89號4樓 (交易廣場四樓)map is attached for your reference. 
    Meeting #69
Time Program 11-Jun-09
6:45~7:00 Registration/Reception Zoe Lee
7:00~7:05 Opening/Guest Introduction Zoe Lee
7:05~7:20 TME Introducing the Program  Jerry Feng (EF)
Timer James Yu
AH Counter Jason Chen
Vote Counter & Board Writer Zoe Lee
7:20~7:40 Variety Session Helen Huang (EF)
7:40~7:55 Table Topics Irrene Huang (EF)
7:55 ~ 8:20 Prepared Speech Session  
(4’ ~ 6’) Speech Topic: Ice Breaker C1 Belinda Kuo
(4' ~ 6') Speech Topic: "The Power of the Purple Bracelet" C6 James Ku 
(4' ~ 6') Speech Topic: "Be Yourself" C10 Stanra Chen
(1’ ~ 1’) *Timer’s 1st Report James Yu
8:20~8:30 Intermission    
8:30~8:50 Evaluation Session Zoe Lee
(2’~3’) C1 Speech Objective:   
Ice Breaker
Chalas Lin
(2’~3’) C6 Speech Objective:   
Vocal Variety
Jay Chang
(2’~3’) C10 Speech Objective:   
Inspire Your Audience
Charles Lee, CC &CL
       (1’~1’) * Timer’s 2nd Report James Yu
 (1’~1’) Ah Counter’s Report Jason Chen
 (10') Language Evaluator Christine Chou
 (5') General Comments Zoe Lee
8:50~9:00 Awards presentation,Announcements & Guests' words Zoe Lee
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