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Dear Leaders:


I would like to remind you that each club needs to submit the semi-annual fee (Apr. to Sep.) of your members to Toastmasters International by 3/31! You could do it directly through the Internet!

It would be better if you could do it before 3/25 as the Internet might sometimes be jammed during that period of time! Our District did a wonderful job last time that all the clubs submitted the semi-annual fee by the deadline! I believe we could do it again this time!



Add Colors to Your Life!





Mike Yang, LGM 08-09





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Dear all
Please refer to the attached agenda of Formosa's In-Club Prepared Speech and Table Topics Speech Contest on Mar. 10th, 2009. Welcome all of you to join us and give the contestants the greatest support.
Look forward to seeing you all on Mar. 10th, 2009. Thanks for your time.
PS. 請參考附件停車資訊:成淵高中停車場(錦西街上,但中山北路不能直接左轉錦西街,要先右轉錦州街,再回轉,有任何問題,請直接與我聯絡)
Best regards,
Assam Chen, CC
President of Formosa TMC, 4844-67



  TIME: 19:00-21:10 March 10, 2009 (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)  
    VENUE: 1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital
      No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)
      台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第一講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)
    In Club Prepared Speech and Table Topics Contest
Agenda of Meeting No.324
Time Program March 10, 2009  
18:50 Registration    
19:00 Call the Meeting to Order Raymond Tsai  
19:01 Opening Remarks / Brief Introduction Assam Chen, CTM  
19:10 Assistants Introduction    
    Timer Peggy Chang, CL / Lisa Lu  
    Vote Counter Ida Lin / Raymand  
    SAA for Table Topics Contest Lotus Wu  
19:20 Contest Master of Prepared Speech Contest Michael Liang, CTM  
3-5' Chief judge briefing of contest rules TBA  
  Topic: C1:Cerita Liao 5-7 min +/- 30 sec
  Topic:  C3:Lawrence 5-7 min +/- 30 sec
  Topic: C5:Pettitte Chu 5-7 min +/- 30 sec
  Topic: C6:Coral Lee 5-7 min +/- 30 sec
  Topic: Lay Off C7:Jessica Lin 5-7 min +/- 30 sec
  Topic: A1:Charlie Chen 5-7 min +/- 30 sec
          Any other volunteers  
20:10 ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥Intermission & Social Time‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥
20:20 Contest Master of Table Topics Contest Marian Hsiao, DTM  
  Cerita Liao Ruby Yang 1-2 min +/- 30 sec
  Lawrence Huang Kevin Yeh 1-2 min +/- 30 sec
  Pettitte Chu Sandy Cheng 1-2 min +/- 30 sec
  Coral Lee Shane Lin 1-2 min +/- 30 sec
  Jessica Lin Libby Chuang, CL 1-2 min +/- 30 sec
  Charlie Chen Edward Chen, DTM 1-2 min +/- 30 sec
      1-2 min +/- 30 sec
  Any other volunteers    
20:50 Closing Remarks/Award Presentation President President
21:00 Officer Report    
21:20 Meeting Adjournment    
  Minutes Writer    


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Dear all,

Welcome to join the contests!

    Area C2 Prepared Speech & Table Topic Contests 2009
    Venue: 淡江大學台北校區    Tel: (02) 3393-3833
              台北市金華街199巷5號 Room:405  
    Date: March, 15th 2009 (Sunday) Time: 13:00-17:00
    Admission Fee:Free  
Time Program
13:00      Reception/Registration Excllence Club
13:30   Prepared Speech Contest Speaking Positions Drawing
13:40    Call Meeting to Order / S.A.A. Excellence Club
13:41    Words of Welcome / Area C2 Governor William Lee ACS CL
13:45    Opening Remarks /  Contest Chair William Lee ACS CL
13:50    Rules Briefing  / Chief Judge Larry Lee, Division C Gov.
     Presenting Timer / Vote Counter Excellence Club
Prepared Speech Contest
14:00   Contestants Speech Title
 5-7 minutes for each contestant Jo Shih  (China) Sweat Seventy
Leo Yang   (Excellence) Michael Phelps' Positive Thinking
King Lee   (Excellence) Tough Times
Asoon Lu  (NTU) The Sound of Opening Parachute
Watson Cheng (NTU) I'm not Suitable for Playing Guitar
Rebecca Wen (NCCU) A Mother's Day Gift
James Lu (NCCU) My Grandpa
Hua Yun Lee (Hualien)      What the Technology Changes Our Life?
Pomelo Huang (Hualien)       The Secret
Shirley Chou (Synopsys)      Curtain Rises, Curtain falls
1 minute silence between each contestant
15:15 Intermission- Evaluation Speech Contest Speaking order Drawing
Table Topic Contest 
15:35   Call Meeting to Order / S.A.A. Excellence Club
15:36   Opening Remarks / Contest Chair William Lee ACS CL
15:40   Rules Briefing  / Chief Judge Larry Lee, Division C Gov.
15:50   Contestants
  2-3 minutes for each contestant              Hua Yun Lee  (Hualien)            Isaac Kuo (NTU)
             Pomelo Huang   (Hualien)           Bruce Huang (NTU)
Linda Tseng  (Excellence)          Rebecca Wen (NCCU)
King Lee  (Excellence)          Odria Lin (NCCU)
John Wen (China)       William Chang (Synopsys)
                   Victor Chui  (China)  
1 minute silence between each contestant
16:35   Certificates and Awards Presenting  
16:55   Closing Remarks   
17:00 Contest Adjourned


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1. Invitation letter (邀請函)
2. Registration form (報名表)
3. Agenda (節目表)
4. DVD order (光碟訂購)


Dear Toastmasters,

Spring is here. The Spring Conference 2009 is coming soon!

This year, we, the Division D, take the honor to host the program in southern Taiwan. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the people here and the good sunny days while attending the conference.

The Spring Conference 2009 is now set on April 25 and 26, 2009 at the Garden Villa in Kaohsiung. The Garden Villa is an ideal place to experience Kaohsiung. You will find that both you and your family get the trip worthwhile. You will also find a unique experience of participating in more than one contest at a time. With the arrangement of Mandarin/Taiwanese/English speech contests in series this year, you will be able to listen to all the contests at the same time.

On behalf of the Division D, I sincerely invite you and your family to join us to celebrate the spirit of Toastmasters together. We are looking forward to seeing you in Kaohsiung in April.

Truly yours,
Eric Liang
梁守誠 敬上
Division D Governor
District 67
Toastmasters International


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Dear fellow members and friends of Citi TMC,

Attached please kindly find the agenda for Citi Toastmasters Meeting on Thursday, Mar.05. The meeting will be held in our DHB Building (台北市德惠街9號10樓 ), map is attached for your reference. Looking forward to seeing you all there.  Shall you have any questions, please kindly let me know.

Yours sincerely,

Zoe Lee

Human Resources, Citibank Taiwan


                 Citi Toastmasters Club #962030
      TIME    :              

7:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

 (Meeting every 1st & 3rd Thursday)

      VENUE :                 台北市德惠街910  
      Admission Fee: Free

            Future Assignments
/Proposed takers
        Meeting #65 Meeting #66
      ESB ESB
    Time Program 5-Mar-09 19-Mar-09
    6:45~7:00 Registration/Reception Zoe Lee Zoe Lee
    7:00~7:05 Opening/Guest Introduction Zoe Lee Zoe Lee
    7:05~7:20 TME Introducing the Program  Zoe Lee Sam Lai
    Timer Charles Chang Jasmine Huang
    AH Counter Sharon Hung Tiffany Sun
    Vote Counter & Board Writer Tom Lu Apple Hsu
    7:20~7:50 Variety Session Wini Kao Felix Chang
    7:50~8:05 Table Topics Eleanore Liang Jay Chang
    8:05~8:20 Prepared Speech Session    
    (4' ~ 6') Speech Topic: Ice Break C1Phoenix Lee  
    (5' ~ 7') Speech Topic: Life Fighter C8 Becky Liao  
    (1' ~ 1') *Timer's 1st Report Charles Chang Jasmine Huang
    8:20~8:30 Intermission      
    8:30~8:50 Evaluation Session Christine Chou Sylvia Chen
    (2'~3') C1 Speech Objective:   
Ice Break
Jay Chang Chalas Lin
    (2'~3') C8 Speech Objective:   
Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
Edward Chen  
           (1'~1') * Timer's 2nd Report Charles Chang Jasmine Huang
     (1'~1') Ah Counter's Report Sharon Hung Tiffany Sun
     (10') Language Evaluator Esther Liao  
     (5') General Comments Christine Chou Sylvia Chen
    8:50~9:00 Awards presentation,Announcements & Guests' words Zoe Lee Zoe Lee

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Greetings fellow Toastmaster members!

Table topics is one of the most feared session in a Toastmasters meeting.  Why? Because people don't know how to deliver a mini-speech within 1-2 min without any preparation.  There are some techniques and guidelines on how we can improve our response to questions, and this coming Mar 13, Lester Lin--2008 National Table Topics 1st runner up is going to share with us his winning formula in Table Topics. 

We'd like to invite members from other clubs to attend this workshop and improve our communication skills in terms of impromptu speaking.  We hope that a great number of people can benefit from this workshop, so kindly help us spread this news to your club members.  Thanks!  

Better Speaker Series Workshop Promotion-Lester Lin.jpg

Amanda Uy, ACB, CL
Vice President Education
BID Toastmasters Club
District 67 Club 9749

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