Dear all,
Please refer to the attached agenda of our coming meeting on June 9. Look forward to meeting you all!
Best regards,
President of Formosa
Assam  Chen, CC, CL
  TIME: 19:00-21:10 June 9th, 2009 (Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)    
    VENUE: 1st Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital  
      No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)    
      台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第一講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)  
    TME: Ruby Yang Theme: 
Agenda of Meeting No.330
Time Program June 9, 2009 Mentor
18:50 Registration      
19:00 Call the Meeting to Order Raymond Tsai    
19:01 Opening Remarks / Brief Introduction President - Assam    
19:10 TME Introducing the Program Ruby Yang    
  Timer Freyja Liang / Flora Sun    
  Ah Counter Jessica Lin    
  Vote Counter & Board Writer Lawrence Huang    
19:20 Joke Session Letitia Liao    
19:30 Table Topics Session Wini Kao, ACB, CL    
19:40 ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥Intermission & Social Time‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥  
19:50 Prepared  Speech Session Ruby Yang    
(4-6') C3: Get to the Point C3: Sandy Cheng    
(5-7') C6: Vocal Variety C6: Pettitte Chu    
(8-10') C10: Inspire Your Audience C10: David Ma, TTU    
(8-10') C10: Inspire Your Audience C10: Raymond Tsai, TTU    
(7-9') A10: The Man Chasing the Thunder A10: Assam Chen, CC, CL    
20:20 Evaluation Session - General Evaluator Lotus Wu    
  *Timer Report      
(2-3') C3: Get to the Point Assam Chen, CC    
(2-3') C6: Vocal Variety Peggy Chang, CTM, CL    
(2-3') C10: Inspire Your Audience Shane Lin, ATM-B, CL    
(2-3') C10: Inspire Your Audience Michael Liang, CTM, CL    
  A10: Storytelling - Bringing History to Life Libby Chuang, ACB, CL    
(5-6') General Evaluator Lotus Wu    
(5-6') Language Evaluator Ida Lin    
  *Ah Counter Report      
  Quiz Time      
21:05 Closing Remarks/Award Presentation President - Assam Chen President  
21:10 Officer Report      
21:15 Meeting Adjournment      
  Minutes Writer      
  President:  Assam Chen, CC     Sponsor:  Richie Chan, CTM
IPP:  Michael Liang, CTM, CL   Sponsor:  Bing Bing Lin, DTM 
VPE:  Coral Lee     Advisor:  Jorie Wu, DTM 
VPM:  Wini Kao     Secretary:  Lotus Wu    
  VPPR:  Bella Sheu, CTM     Treasurer:  Jessica Lin    
  Honorary PR:  Gordon Brooks   SAA:  Raymond Tsai    

Dear all


Thanks for joining Formosa ’s meeting tonight. I believe you all enjoyed the meeting conducted by Ruby Yang who served as the TME tonight(debute).


Congratulations that we have 2 CCs and 1 ACB tonight:

CC: Raymond Tsai

CC: David Ma

ACB: Assam Chen


Give them a big applause. 


I would like to announce that we have one more new member, Vivi Lin! Welcome to join us!!!


The Best Speaker: Raymond Tsai (C10)

The Best Individual Evaluator: Libby Chuang

The Best Joke Teller: Wini Kao

The Best Table Topics Speaker: Vivi Lin

The Best Performer: Ruby Yang


Quick announcement:

1.     June 13, 2009Funeral of Henry's mother. 

2.     July 14, 2009 - New member induction and new officers installation ceremony.


Assam Chen

President of Formosa TMC 2008-2009

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