Dear Legacies and old friends,


Formosa TMC members will hold a special meeting tomorrow night starting 7:00 pm to write cards, and voice recording blessings to Libby, would appreciate if you can join our program.    We hope to grasp the time in no minute.  Libby can't wait!!!


2nd Lecture Hall, 9th floor, Old Building, Mackay Memorial Hospital

No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei  

台北市中山北路馬偕醫院 舊大樓9樓 第二講堂 (雙連站ShuangLian)

I am very sorry for the very short notice.   However, I believe Toastmasters are available to take any impromptu action.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. 


Best regards,


Irene Chen


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