7:10-9:00 p.m. July 13, 2010

(Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday)

Logo-Color_High_Rez.jpg VENUE:

15th floor Auditorium, New Building,

Mackay Memorial Hospital


No. 92 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.2, Taipei  

(No Admission Fee)

台北市中山北路馬偕醫院  新大樓15樓 大禮堂 







New Member Induction
Time Program    
18:50 Registration Lisa Lu, Jessica Lin  
19:10 Words of Welcome Assam Chen, ACB, CL  
19:15 Toastmaster of The Evening Edward Chen, DTM  
    - Timer Sue Chen  
19:20 New Member Induction Lotus Wu, CC  
New Member
  Clair Liaw Crystal Chen L.T. Cheng Nancy Tsai Peter Chen    
Samual Chuang Sophia Yang        
20:00 ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥Intermission & Social Time ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥  
New Officer Installation
20:10 Blessing from VIPs VIPs  
20:15 Installation Ceremony    
(A) Discharging Session Assam Chen, ACB, CL,   
  (1) Sweet Memories Assam Chen, ACB, CL  
  (2) Farewell speeches of discharing officers (30'' for each)    
  (3) Farewell speech (2-3') (A11: Mastering the Toast) Libby Chuang/Assam Chen  
  (4) Discharge of outgoing officers    
20:50 (B) Installation Session Nora Liu, CC, CL  
  (1) Installation of incoming officers    
  (2) Words from imcoming officers (30'' for each)    
  (3) Inaugural address (3-4') Raymond Tsai, CC, CL  
(C) Pass down the banner of Formosa All presidents of Formosa  
  (1) Blessings from past presidents (30'' for each)    
    Outgoing Officers Incoming Officers
President Libby Chuang/Assam Chen Raymond Tsai, CC, CL  
VPE Raymond Tsai, CC, CL Pettitte Zhu, CC  
VPM Ida Lin, CC Sandy Cheng  
VPPR Wini Kao, ACS, AL Lawrence Huang, CC  
Secretary Jessica Lin, CC Peter Chen  
Treasurer Lisa Lu Wini Kao, ACS, AL  
SAA Freyja Liang Assam Chen, ACB, CL  
21:25 Closing Remarks Raymond Tsai, CC, CL  
21:25 Announcement    
21:30 Meeting Adjournment    

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