Dear members and guests,
This Wednesday is the Installation Ceremony. TTU members, please gather at school gate at 6 p.m. and we will go to 日安餐廳 together by bus.
Want to know more about 日安餐廳 ---> (   )
The price of meal is 250 NT dollars, and we will pay 100 NT dollars for everyone.
We will have dinner first and start the Installation Ceremony at 8 p.m.
Feel free to join us!

Raymond Tsai

TIME: 19:00-21:00 Jun 3 , 2009 (Every Wednesday)
VENUE: Room 106, Shangchih Educational Building
No. 40 Chungshan N. Road, Sec.3, Taipei   (No Admission Fee)
TME: Charlie Chen, CTM Theme: Installation Ceremony
Agenda of Meeting No.22
New Officer Installation
Time Program  
19:30 Registration  
19:40 Call the Meeting to Order Jim Jhao
19:41 Opening Remarks / Brief Introduction Charlie Chen,CTM
19:45 TME Introducing the Program Charlie Chen,CTM
19:50 Blessing from VIPs      
20:00 Sharing - The Way to Get CC (3-4')     Carmen Yen
20:05 Installation Ceremony  
20:05 (A) Discharging Session     Wini Kao, Area H2 Governor 2008-2009
  1. Farewell Speech (2-3')     Charlie Chen,CTM
  2. Farewell Speech     Other Officers  
  3. Discharge of Outgoing Officers      
  Title Outgoing Officers
  President Charlie Chen, CTM
  Vice President, Education Raymond Tsai
  Vice President, Membership Teresa Shao
  Vice President Public Relations Isabel Kuo
  Secretary Jessica Huang
  Treasurer Peri Chuang
  Sergeant at Arms Jim Shao
20:30 (B) Installation Session     Nora Liu, Area H2 Gonvernor 2009-2010
  1. Installation of Incoming Officers      
  2. Inaugural Address (3-4')     Justin Liu  
  3. Inaugural Address     Other Officers  
  Title Incoming Officers
  President Justin Liu  
  Vice President, Education Carmen Yen  
  Vice President, Membership Stanra Chen  
  Vice President Public Relations Peri Chuang  
  Secretary Ruby Chou  
  Treasurer Cindy Hsu  
  Sergeant at Arms Teresa Shao  
21:00 Closing Remarks/Award Presentation President - Justin Liu
20:55 Officer Report  
21:00 Meeting Adjournment  
  Minutes Writer  
President: Charlie Chen,CL Sponsor: Marian Hsiao, DTM
VPE: Raymond Tsai Sponsor: Edward Chen, DTM
VPM: Teresa Shao Mentor: Amanda Hu, DTM
VPPR: Isabel Kuo Mentor: Wini Kao, ACB, CL
Treasurer: Peri Chuang SAA: Jim Jhao
Secretary: Jessica Huang      
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