Dear Club Leaders,


Please email the update agenda to your club members as attached. Welcome to join us this Sunday afternoon.

For all the speakers, please kindly email your topics to Kendrick Huang for making PowerPoint!


Division C& H Officers’ Meeting will be held at the same date at four o’clock in the afternoon.

All the Division Governors, Area Governors, club Presidents and EVPs shall attend the meeting.

If you can not attend the meeting, please assign one club officer or member to join the meeting.



See you on Sunday!





Area H2 Governor

Wini Kao, ACB, CL


   Division H Speech Marathon & Club Officers' Meeting
Date: Sunday May. 24, 2009 1:00-5:00 P.M.      
Venue: 1F, No.3, Lane 3, Dehui St., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 台北市中山區德惠街3巷3號
  The meeting room of TTU dormitory which is across to school.  大同大學宿舍會議中心,在學校對面巷子
Fee: Free 免費
Host Club: Area H2 - TTU Toastmasters Club 大同大學國際英語演講會
Remark:  Please register before 5/20 for preparing refreshment.
  Contact: Area H2 Governor: Wini Kao  Email:
               Area H2 Assistant Governor of Education: Kendrick Huang  Email:
01:00 Reception TTU TMC
01:30 Opening Division H Governor Ellen Chen, CTM, CL
01:31 Toastmaster of the afternoon H2 - Formosa - Edward Chen, DTM
01:36 Timer H3 - Sunshine - Julia Chou, ACB, CL
01:40 Prepared Speech Session
(5-7) C2: Organize Your Speech H2 - TTU - Lee Yeh
(5-7) C2: Organize Your Speech H2 - TTU - Julie Fang
(5-7) C5: Your Body Speaks H2 - Formosa & TTU - Raymond Tsai
(5-7) C6: Vocal Variety H2 - TTU - Zoe Huang
(5-7) C7: Research Your Topic H2 - YWCA - Alex Huang
(5-7) C7: Research Your Topic H2 - TTU - David Ma
02:40 Intermission
02:50 Prepared Speech Session
(5-7) C7: Research Your Topic H2 - TTU - Cindy Hsu
(5-7) C9: Persuade with Power H2 - TTU - Carmen Yen
(8-10) A2: Interpretive Reading - Read a Story H2 - Formosa & TTU - Charlie Chen, CC, CL
(6-8) A6: Storytelling - Let's Get Personal H1 - NLFD - Ellen Chen, CTM, CL
(5-7) A19:The Entertaining Speaker - A Dramatic Talk H2 - Formosa - Wini Kao, ACB, CL
03:40 Evaluation Session  
(3-5) General Evaluator (Cindy, Charlie) A2 - Division A Governor, Shang Su, CTM, CL
  Written Individual Evalutor (Alex, Carmen, David) H2- Formosa - Assam Chen, CC, CL
  Written Individual Evalutor (Lee, Zoe,) H2 - YWCA - Annie Ho      
  Written Individual Evalutor (Julie, Raymond) A2 - ALE Elite - William Haung, CC, CL
  Written Individual Evalutor (Ellen, Wini) H2 - Formosa - Marian Hsiao, DTM
03:45 Awards Session Division H Governor Ellen Chen, CTM, CL
04:00 Meeting Adjourned Division H Governor Ellen Chen, CTM, CL
04:00 Divions C& H officers' Meeting   District Governor Marian Hsiao, DTM      

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